It’s Science Week! 

It’s Science week – well it’s actually a national 10 day event and started on the 10th of March. Here’s a great resource from CBeebies I saw the other day (I am a massive fan of this channel!) that you could check out. 

And if you want to get out there and see what’s on, check out: 

You’ll find an interactive map highlighting what’s on in your area. 

Unfortunately I have a jam packed week this week and am unable to get out and about to check out the science events but will continuing with some everyday science with my preschoolers. On our walks out over the past week, we’ve seen many minibeasts resurface due to the warming weather. We’ve seen squashed ones, scratched ones, living ones, big ones and small ones. My boy has had great ideas about why they look the way they do (especially squashed ones), where they are going and what they are doing – pretty hilarious stuff. And my girl looks adoringly on at the creeping crawling bugs calling it “a cutie”, which is equally hilarious.

Anyway the plan, armed with our magnifying glasses (we have loads in various shapes and sizes) is to have a dig in our mud pit in our back garden, have a scavenger hunt and take it from there.

 I’m looking forward to the questions, statements but not the spiders! 


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