Weetabix Sneezes

Thank you for your weetabix sneezes,

for pulling away when I wipe the sleep from your creases.

I know I moan, sigh and sometimes (okay, often) shout,

But this raising a human is a lot harder than I thought it’d turn out!

Your big brown eyes and you grabbing my leg

melt my heart

just like watching you





You ask me questions which I explain in an very adult, semi child friendly way

which you accept, say ‘oh’ then show me things wanted for your birthday.

Daily, I remind you to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’,

No, please no, don’t show me that bogey or poo!

You make me laugh from my belly and my cheeks hurt from smiling,

I’d do anything, yes anything, to stop you from crying.

I love when you use appropriate words inappropriately

and adjectives after nouns seemlessly, repeatedly.

Apologies are due for my many moody mornings,

but wait until my coffee, please heed this warning!

Oh little one, thank you for your weetabix sneezes,

I hope you know

I love you

to absolute pieces.


Love Mummy xx


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