Hi there!

I’m Gina.

If you are in this very moment: on the sofa with a cuppa, iPad open on Pinterest searching for ‘things to do with kids’ (looking for the tab labelled ‘this is real life’ & ‘I don’t live near the U.S shop Target’, to narrow things down a bit) whilst CBeebies Justin sings about friends and the kids….well the kids…..are on the floor flicking broken bits of toys at each other’s head then…..this may well be the page for you!

Or, if you are on the sofa with a cuppa whilst CBeebies hums in the background and have just been rudely awoken from your racing thoughts (on life and what to do with it), by a smack in the head from a wheel of a racing car and giggles…then this again may be the page for you.

I’m a trained teacher, was even a deputy head for a while before I gave it all up, relocated to Germany before returning back to the UK with my two children. During the initial stage of motherhood I struggled, found my feet by following a routine to ensure survival before moving on to teaching my kids as if they were in a classroom with my own handwritten curriculum (they were under three!). Cue next stage….sit back and doing very little while they explored the world around them and each other quite happily and independently. So much so, that I am often frowned at by them or upset their flow if I interfere. But as I watch I am slowly seeing sparks of interest, being asked questions, enjoying their conversations and am floored by the observations they are making.

A lot of what I do with kids, or have done, has involved coloured paper, glue, paint, scissors, googly eyes or icing sugar. I really do enjoy a bit of art & craft with the kids, even the mess. But I began to find myself feeling that there was only so much I could do with glitter, and remembering that there’s actually so much more I could do. I’ve noticed amongst my two rascals that there is so much more of an interest of nature, of taking toys apart to see how they work and hungry questions about who, what and why.

My two are amazed by the life and world around them and those moments are truly priceless. I’ve decided (with the help of my husband who has an amazing technical mind) that I’m going to cultivate that interest by doing a little more science at home. We’ll still do the odd card making of course but I think the vacuum cleaner will appreciate a little less glitter and dried up playdough for a while.

In this blog, I will be documenting kid friendly science activities with stuff you actually would have in your own home, not in a science lab. I’ll be mainly following my children’s lead for area of interest with the odd experiment here and there just because I want to!

Don’t worry, that won’t be all. I’ll be blogging about life in general too because, I just won’t be able to help myself! I’m at a crossroads in life and trying to work out who I am, just what it is I like and what it is I’m going to do. I thought I had a good idea but I know that watching television and biscuit tasting is not exactly inspirational and nor will it pay the bills (so the other half says). I’ve decided to take up a hobby of photography which is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time (like writing a blog) but have not had the confidence to do. I’ll be snapping away and sharing. I live in quite a picture perfect area, which I am going to take advantage of. I will also be blogging about living in Rutland from a mother’s perspective, sharing what’s going on and where to go with young ones.

So watch this space….
Hope you enjoy!